With more than 20 years’ experience in the community banking industry, Matt Korshoff serves as Senior vice president of Community Bank of Broward in Dania Beach, Florida. In this capacity, Matt Korshoff delivers outstanding banking services to Broward County through a network of 8 branches.

Businesses throughout the United States rely on the services of community banks to help them finance growth and development. Moreover, homeowners and prospective homeowners often seek loans from community banks to purchase residential real estate or improve existing assets. Community bankers tend to understand the importance of local businesses to the quality of life in the community and to the regional economy.

Because community banks enjoy profitability when their customers succeed, these institutions usually endeavor to understand the corporate missions and objectives of their large and small business customers. In addition, they monitor the effectiveness and profitability of local industries to determine possible issues that could affect customers employed in these fields. The most effective community banks strive to help their customers realize their dreams for personal and business achievement. Although all loans carry some degree of risk, they also offer the opportunity for considerable reward for both the lender and customers who benefit from the capitalization provided.

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